Yung Berg

What have you been up to lately?

@TheRealYungBerg: Currently I have been producing and writing for a lot of different artist in the game such as Diddy, Meek Mill, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and etc. Also I am forming my new team YFM while releasing mixtapes like Mr Ward & Mo money Mo condoms.

When did you decide you wanted to really pursue the music?

@TheRealYungBerg: I’ve been doing music since I was about 13 years old! I fell in love with hip hop pretty early and when I started recording I knew that I wanted to do music forever. So with God and hard work I landed my first deal with Bloodline/Def Jam.

You released the Derrick Rose tribute that caught a lot of waves for the team and city. Have you met up with him since the song and video?

@TheRealYungBerg: No. Unfortunately I’m always on the road and I live in miami so I’m not in Chicago as much as I would like to be, but I didn’t make the song to become cool with him I did it cause it was good for my city it came naturally and I’m truly a fan of D. Rose. I think that people forget artist in the public eye are human and that’s why I wanna remain humble and always honest I think there’s a lot of honesty missing from the game.

How do you feel about some of the new artist coming up?

@TheRealYungBerg: I really like a lot of new artist I’m happy for my guy Wiz he deserves everything he gets we used 2 just chill drink tang, make records, smoking weed and now he’s on top of his game. So I thank him cause its inspiration! It shows me how much labels don’t know at times. I wonder if anyone at WB got fired of Khalifa man! Lol

We had the privilege of interviewing your new artist Mia Rey. What made you sign her?

@TheRealYungBerg: Mia Rey is more than an artist she’s like my best friend that’s why It was a no brainier. I waited almost a year to even work with her she always used to be around chilling but I wasn’t in the right space or even ready to work with another female RnB artist that close again. Ask any producer/songwriter its really a process working with females because it forces you to think about situations and feelings you normally wanna bury in the back of your mind! Lol she’s a hard worker she keeps up with me and that’s impressive because I’ll black out and do like 5 records in one night.

What do you feel has been the biggest move in your career?

@TheRealYungBerg: The biggest move in my career was me deciding that I was gonna sell my music and sound to other people! On the song writing end I’m like next up a lot of people in the game are starting to really recognize that I specialize in making radio records! Its not like I’m trying to create them when I go in the studio but I would compare it to a basketball player shooting 100 free throws everyday for 10 plus years eventually he’s gonna have that shit on lock you feel me? God and I been having long talks and he wants me to be great so you’ll be hearing shortly.

What is the one thing you would take out the industry?

@TheRealYungBerg: I would take the negativity out of the game and focus on the music. I think people hide behind swagg and shock value because they don’t have the best material. Let’s just make hit records and let the music speak for itself.

When can we get the next project?

@TheRealYungBerg: The next project will be my Reality Check mixtape, which will be followed by a full-length album. Everything is about timing now but be on the look out for “Shawty You Can Get It” on MTV&BET also follow me and all my artists on twitter – @TheRealYungBerg @MiaReyMusic & @DriickyGraham. 100


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