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Wink Loc got the chance to catch up with Young Jeezy’s CTE newest artist Wink Loc fresh out of Brooklyn. Wink Loc lets us know how he fits in with his CTE family though being a stand out Crip in Brooklyn, who is pursuing for more than just music. Wink Loc also tells us about his struggles coming up in the industry, what’s next for him and the CTE camp, and what he thinks on current beef in the industry. Get familiar with a future face for the world!

What have you been up to lately?

Wink Loc: Just been working on a few projects that are set to drop, finished working on the CTE Compilation album & mixtape, which was pretty dope from my own projects. I also have been working on my own 2 tapes at the same time, “Locomotive 3” and “Blue Steel -.38 Special” so I have been working.

Will there be any new projects coming soon?

Wink Loc: Yes, there is no date on the CTE compilation album but my tapes are dropping soon, I should b dropping “Locomotive 3” in December to heat the streets up.

The Maino & The Mafia mixtape is out and a lot of people thought you were going to be on it. What is your connection to them?

Wink Loc: I was actually featured on 2 songs on the tape so I am thankful and grateful for that. The connection is from PUSH!, that’s family, my brother I consider him. I was apart of the project but due to my schedule things didn’t work out as planned but I support their movement 100%.

Being signed to CTE which is primarily Southern. How do you think it benefits you being from the East?

Wink Loc: The benefits are that I don’t sound like them. My sound is totally different. I don’t really sound like I’m from the east either, I have a mixture of the east & west which makes my sound unique. I try not to sound like anyone but I try to perfect this craft of mine.

You had a name before doing music in the streets. Do you feel the transition was a tough thing or something you just knew you had to do?

Wink Loc: Yes I had a name in the streets because I was heavy in the streets so the transition from the streets to music was easy yet hard. Easy because everything I say comes from they heart and it’s the truth yet hard because you make yourself vulnerable because now people are more open to take shots at you. When your looking to elevate their are many things that wish to drag you back to your old ways so the transition is hard.

What would you say is/was the biggest struggle in the music industry?

Wink Loc: Biggest struggle is getting others not to compare you to those that were before you. Like you are prejudged before they give you an opportunity to b heard. So that’s the only struggle besides the transition of separating yourself from dead weight (people that aren’t beneficial to the cause)

Wink Loc Young Jeezy
Not too long ago you were tweeting about the beefs with Jeezy. Do you feel it is just some WWF in rap or just something that needed to be addressed?

Wink Loc: I feel on those speaking foolishly on Jeezy that it’s WWF on their behalf. I am not going to always address everyone that has something negative to say about the big homie, what am I gonna say is that all those comments will b addressed when whomever is saying them is seen. If u got beef wit Jeezy then you got beef with Wink Loc, point blank.

On the music side what can people expect from the next project?

Wink Loc: They can expect to hear the growth from “Locomotive” & “Locomotive 2”. I’m all about progression and perfecting my craft so they should not expect anything less of Wink Loc.

You are also pursuing your college education. What is your major? And how are you going to use it?

Wink Loc: My major was CIS (Computer Information Systems) I got my associates degree in that field and took a year off to pursue my music so I’m 2 semesters short of my bachelors degree. I just felt I made a promise to my grandmother before she died so I wanted to get a degree for her as well as myself.

Anything you want the people to know?

Wink Loc: That I’m the most humblest person in the world and I am grateful and thankful for all their support and the doors that are opening up for me. Also, follow me on & instagram: winkloc . Let the people know, “It’s Tha World” “CTE OR NOTHING”


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