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You have worked with a lot of artist I first noticed your work with Talent Couture, but you have been working heavy with Trae Tha Truth. How did this come about?

Ironically Talent linked me with Trae, they did a track together and we shot the video and Trae liked my videos and needed a video guy so it was perfect timing. Trae and I shot 30+ videos in under a year so far.

Coming from Milwaukee how hard was it for you breaking into the industry?

I’ve been trying to break in for over 12 years, to be honest though I’m self taught at videos so those years I considered them my schooling. It took me so long that one of two things happens either you get there and you don’t even want it anymore or now yo go 10x as hard to stay there and keep moving up….I choose #2

Is there any other artist you want to work with?

Plenty, rap wise Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye, Cam’Ron, & Fab.

Rock, Pop, and Country…will be my next moves

Would you work with any other directors?

Defiently, one of my favorites directors Alex Nazair who I watched for years come up actually called me recently to do some co projects….I would love to be on set with Hype Williams and Collin Tiley


When shooting a video, is it mainly what the artist wants, or is it joint conducted or what? 

Its either or, I mean sometimes they have no idea, sometimes I have the whole idea and a lot of the times we wing it while on, but seriously 80% is just pulled out of no where….

When and where was the best time shooting a video?

By far this Talent Couture video at this condo party nobody knew each other but it turned into an epic party and dope video.

What do you feel is the hardest part of being a director?

The love I get when the final product drops. The process is usually fun but stressful! When you sit back and drop a video and people who don’t know you are telling you the videos dope.

For our viewers viewing the interview, Some would want to know how you determine locations, background, people, ETC.

Ive made a living out of unexplainable greatness…..Things happening or going on that cause very great and pick things to occur on video……I don’t plan very much in my life I just go and use what I got like McGyver….lol!

What type of advice what they offer to aspiring directors?

Shut up and shoot, don’t worry about making money at first you won’t get anywhere…Have a real job 2to pay the bills and seek out hard working artists and latch on and shoot shoot shoot…..SHOOT!!!!

I know you have done short films, but what about movies?

I never took one class on this so my experience is my classroom….I’m still learning and I’ll know when I’m ready and I want to go in feeling 100%.

What’s next for PhillyFlyBoy?

I didn’t even plan on what’s been happening this year……I don’t make goals all they do is limit my true potential because my first set of goals I make have been WAYYYYY by passed and I don’t wanna make new ones so I just go hard have fun and do my Ting…..

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