Born and raised in Brooklyn East New York, Terrell “Mocca” King is no stranger to the arts. Mocca began her journey as a publicist early 2010. After making a mark on the entertainment industry in the DMV (D.C., Maryland & Virginia) area, she moved back to her home town in NY. Host of a multi-network online radio show, “Empire State of Grind Radio,” airing in New York, Atlanta, Chicago and Vegas, she gets the scoop of the who’s who of the industry and gives the independent artists a platform to be heard. She is a member of JIVE Records super A&R, Kevin Shine’s “TasteMakers,” Mocca is a force to be reckoned with.

How have you been?

Mocca: I am great. I’ve been extremely busy lately, but that’s a good thing.

For the few people who do not know you explain what you do.

Mocca: I am a Publicist and Multi-Media Personality. I represent a wide range of clients from Fashion to Music. I have The Rockz, Devastating Tito of Fearless Four, Jaguar & Company Clothier, Zoolyz CHiLD, MAtty Tosca, Hard Candy Magazine, Young Ladies Rock, Hip Hop Press Conference in NJ, Dr Jay’s Save Our Youth Tour, The Dessert Stylists, MARBEY for Guns Down Life Up, I keep their brands public. I also write for magazines, i.e. POSE and Ryder Magazine. I have my own Magazine, Hard Candy Magazine, which is an industry magazine with interviews, ads, everything commn but it highlights the sexy male models instead of video vixens. I also have a radio show called Empire State of Grind Radio.

When did you get started?

Mocca: Wow. I actually started in the industry in 2003. People seem to think it was much later, but I’ve been around for a while.

Who have you worked with past and present?

Mocca: I’ve worked with, Musiq Soul Child, Urban Threshold, Doc Ice, Whodini, Chubb Rock & KeKe, Krazy Bone, WNBA Player, Yolanda Moore, Anwan Glover, Tray Chaney, Ron Browz, Dr Jays, NFL Linebacker, Alvin Bowen, Award winning director, Michael Pinckney, Rah Digga, Kitty Bradshaw, Lil Cease, Drumma Boy Fresh, Puma & Sassy of Black Ink Crew, Roxanne Shante, Mama Jones, Antonio Luis Ramos, Jack Thriller, Mr. Cheeks, Smif n Wessun, Lola Monroe, LA Sunshine, DJ QuickSilva, Dame Dash, I can go on all day. But, one of the most exciting people was, P Diddy for Howard Homecoming at Club Love in DC. I had to write the Tweets he used for the event. I didn’t get to give them to him directly but I’m still hype over that. He used them all weekend.

When dealing with artist where do the majority of indie artist go wrong?

Mocca: Thinking that they can do this without money or help. Also, not researching and developing their craft. Many artists think all they need is good lyrics and a flow but it takes so much more than that. The money comes in because people want and need to get paid for their services. Research has to be done before you jump into deals, contracts or even shows. I research my craft almost every day. I always find improvements and reinvent old techniques. Hard work and an unselfish grind is just a must.

Mocca Styles

Who has been the biggest aspiration to you?

Mocca: My family. My mother and siblings. I always want to make them proud.

How important is having a budget?

Mocca: It is very important. Even a barter is good “IF” the value is there. That’s a big if. People want to be paid for their resources the same way you work a 9-5, when you complete your job, you’re looking for a check, no matter what your job is. Sometimes our networks and expertise take years to build, they cost. There is the graphics people, publications, radio, advertisers, styling, travel, producers, the costs to print and distribute music. There are so many costs and people get offended when they are asked to be paid. And let’s be clear, I’m speaking of established people, the people who can actually help. Not just anyone trying to make a dollar, because they’re out there too. That again goes back to research.

If a record label wanted to hire you what would be the first thing you would establish with them?

Mocca: The projects, the expectations, my role (specifically) and the budget.

You are apart of the Empire State of Grind Radio. How did you get started with this?

Mocca: We, my partner, Jerome Romeo Leaks and I, started Empire State of Grind Radio as a fun hobby. We were always on the road, at the time producing runway shows. We would do the shows mobile from the truck. It got so popular, a local station in DC picked us up and next we ended up on 5 stations. We came back to NY, spoke to DWI and got on at DaMatrix Studios in the BX. DJ Roughandz from G Unit (Llyod Banks DJ) was already on the radio, we needed a DJ, that’s our people, so we came together and here we are. We make a great team!

Are you looking for sponsors?

Mocca: We are always looking for sponsors, monetary and or product sponsors. But, we are very particular with the criteria of what that means. My lawyer checks that out for me.

How can artist get on Empire State of Grind Radio?

Mocca: They send in their information to and there is a fee.

Is there any advice you want the people to know?

Mocca: Think BIG. You’ll be surprised what you can accomplish. Have a hard work mentality and thick skin. I’m not even famous and I have stalkers and people making fake pages of me. It’s irritating and kind of dope at the same time. Constantly study your craft. Research artists that you look up to, read their stories, watch how they move, research their team and watch how they move. Most important, be serious. This is not a hobby, nor is it a game. It’s work. People see all the parties, pictures, bottles, and bling. This is hard work. There are weeks, months sometimes a year of preparation that goes into that before you see it. Be ready to work. The fun is the bonus. I love what I do!!

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