Chad Walker

Chad Walker

How have you been?

Being from Queens you have a lot to live up in the music industry. Does your environment influence you at all?

I mean, I left Queens around the age 10-11, so I can’t really recall anything influencing me back then. I did kind of look up to LL Cool J when he was on BET & MTV. I used to say I wanted to be like him, popular, loved by the people of New York & of course a Ladies Man. Lol.

When was the biggest changing point for your singing career?

My biggest changing point in my music career was when my voice changed. My voice became more mature & I lost it for almost a year. I practiced on my own & it eventually came back.

How did you feel when you released the single “Miss Right”?

When I released “Miss Right” with my close friend, a rapper under SBOE, Quizz, I was nervous. I didn’t feel comfortable with my voice on it but my supporters loved it to be honest. I just felt that my voice didn’t match the beat but Quizz persuaded me to just try it. I’m grateful for my following me for supporting me and inspiring me to improve and keep pushing.

You receive a lot of love via social networks. Do you ever feel the pressure of letting your fans too far into your personal life?

I don’t have any issue with expressing my feelings or letting my following into my social life because I want them to know me better as person as well as an artist. I just don’t want them to know me for my music but to know me as a human being.

You recently released the new single “Losing You” which has debuted at #2. Did you think the single would be received so well?

I actually did think that my followers & supporters would love the song because it’s for the younger population & it’s extremely relatable. It’s a song you can just put your headphones in & just chill. On top of that, my fans were excited to see me drop my first official single.

Chad Walker

If you could cover one song that describes you best. What song would it be?

One song that describes me the best would probably be a new upcoming song “I Can’t Win” by Chris Brown on his upcoming album “X” because he’s trying to win with females but he just can’t. Females always win at the end of the day & sometimes I try to change that but it’s just not going to happen. They always win, no matter what circumstance or situation.

What are you plans outside of music?

Well I just finished my Health Care internship in Long Island, NY where I interned at South Nassau Community Hospital for six weeks in the Family Medicine Department. The reason I became a part of it was because I wanted to gain experience in the hospital because I have aspirations to become an OB/GYN. School comes first. Music comes second. So if music doesn’t pan out, I’m still going to college for Pre-Med.

What can the people expect next from Chad Walker?

You can expect new music & much more, that’s all I’m going to say because I have a lot of surprises in store.

Where can the people hear more?

Well, you can follow me on
Instagram & Twitter: @ChadVuitton
Soundcloud @OfficialChadWalker


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