Calvin Ross – Rover (Remix)

Calvin Ross

Singer / songwriter Calvin Ross may be stationed in Atlanta, Georgia presently but that won’t stop him from representing his beloved state of Tennessee. In high spirits of his forthcoming “Copycat Volume 2” project, Ross re-imagines another TN artist’s hit song. Calvin hops on the viral BlocBoy JB trap anthem, “Rover”, and effortlessly dresses the tune up in true R&B fashion.

What all started off as mere hearsay between DJ OMO Carleon and the singer, the talk turned serious and lead the crooner into the booth to cover the “Rover” track. His engaging and charismatic personality has taken him from a $100 recording studio in his bedroom to online notoriety, thanks in part to all his female fans and dedicated Ross Tribe members. With several years under his belt recording, performing and networking; the world has began flocking to the raw emotions behind Calvin’s signature sound. Along with the “Rover (Remix)”, the vocalist plans to debut more cover songs very soon, continuing to build up anticipation for his next project, “Copycat Volume 2”. Listen to the release above and see what has the internet buzzing wildly.


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