Ashton Martin

Ashton Martin

The newest artists arriving on scene is named ASHTON MARTIN (birth name). His label Total Experience Entertainment just signed for distribution deal with Snoop Dogg’s label, DoggHouse/GG Worldwide. He is hungry, providing quality music, a good plan and approach for taking off this year, remember where you heard his name first.

How have you been?

A. I have been feeling good about the progress focused and inspired me and my team working hard to take off to even more success.

You know a lot of people will think that your name is made up and not your real name. Did you think of any other stage names before you chose your government?

A. Yeah I get that a lot but I figure it’s a good then to keep people always speculating and guess but it’s all me. I went by A.M and Young Bambino in the past.

There are alot of big artist that came out of Detroit. Did any of these guys mentor or motivate you?

A. Not mentor but motivate yes in the way of, I can make take off to greater heights and accomplishments then those that have done it before a new success different.

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You currently signed to Snoops label.How did this come about being as Snoop is West coast?

A. I was working hard in Birmingham Alabama promoting my EP I know somebody just so happen Snoop,Wiz,Lupe was touring together Snoop was staying in the same hotel I was.
So I decide seek him out gave his people my EP they contacted me and my management 6 months later and we worked a deal out. Which why I believe in moving not sitting still that brings opportunity

When can we expect the next project to drop?

A. I have a lot of Mix Tapes we are hosting and putting out with Fleet Dj’s on dat piff coast 2 coast mixtapes also Juice single we will be pushing coming during promo tour. And the album will be dropping the summer of 2013.

Who will all be involved with the project?

A. Snoop will do a feature also we have been in talks with R&B singer Jeremih people for a song feature and few others we have in mind but that will be a surprise.

What do you feel has been the biggest move in your career so far?

A.The deal with Snoop and the Tour coming this Spring Break.

Alot of artist are trying to get signed these days. What would be your advice to them?

A. Work Hard keep moving stay outside the box meaning stop staying in the usual get off your ass can’t make history sitting on your back porch.

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So far what do you feel is the worst part about the music industry?

A. Adjusting to what is expected of you and everyone different personalities especially when it comes to what you should say and do. Basically one person says yes then someone else says no always keeping guessing from music to social events sites all that.

In 5 years from now what will the world be saying about Ashton Martin?

A. He is the one of the top artist out if not the best and he works hard like he never made it or sold one album and creativity is off the charts. And one of the wealthiest artist’s.

Any last words you want the people to know?

A. Follow the Juice Trail as we Take Off 2013 Spring break and beyond @ashtonmartin313 via twitter and Facebook at therealashtomartin. Also for features and bookings contact Rick Kelley at 1-313-405-7145 or via website for info about the tour and update info on the tour or working as a promo model or video girl during the tour #Take Off.

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