A-Mess interview
What have you been up to lately?

Lately, I just been trying to find a deeper side to myself as an artist and by that I mean, listening to different music and beats than usual. Also I am working on getting everything ready for my first single “Going Down”.

How did you get the name A-Mess?
I was suggested the name in a former group I was in when I was younger, well not actually a group just the people I was around at that time. Somebody suggested the name and once I heard it I honestly liked it. It took years to become A-Mess I’ve always felt like there’s a difference in a given name and actually becoming it. I made sure I became A-Mess and really turned into the music forreal.

When did you finally say music is for me?
Well I decided I wanted to be a music artist at the age of 12 but I would say around the age 16 or 17 I really said “This is for me, it’s my only way out”. It was more the connection I started to build with music and the feel I was getting when I heard certain songs and beats. Of course the more fans I gained the more I knew this was really for me but I can’t live a day on this planet without music it’s the blood that keeps me going. I always say the mic is my best friend because it always listens.

You had a project called “So Fresh So Fly” which was a hit single loved by a lot of people but never released. Why?
Yeah, I remember those days like it was yesterday. I must of been like 18 when I did that record “So Fresh So Fly”. The record came around when I had a huge buzz in my city (2008), so I was recruited by a producer named “Sisco”. He produced the record and I wrote the song. At the time we was all in a local team that we we’re planning on pushing into the industry but I believe the record was held because it was that good at the time. I honestly feel like “they” kept the record and when I say they I don’t mean Sisco. Everyone wanted to release that record but hey things happen. It was a learning experience, next time it won’t happen.

A-Mess INterview

Do you feel it has been difficult coming out of Union City, NJ?
Absolutely just because of the simple fact that in Union city we have no radio stations and no clubs. So if you got “Hot” in Union city such as then you really had to work the streets or use the internet to your advantage. Which was what I did, I believe I was the first local artist in Union City in 2008 with 120,000 myspace friends. That’s where it all started from. I love social networks and I seem to know how to use it well.

When can we expect “Going Down”?
Sometime early October this year (2013)

Who has been your biggest influence inside the music industry?
When I started it was 50 cent but now as I gotten older I just get inspired by every new artist. Only because I can’t wait to be that “New Artist” in the spotlight and I know if you made it, it only means you worked really hard.


Would you ever do a reality show and if so what would be your limits?
Um, that’s hard question. Before my “Celebrity” fame.. No. After all my success maybe but it would have to be related to me.

What will the people say about A-Mess in 10 years?
“Wow he really made it, I remember when he was struggling on his own just to get one show and now he’s touring the world back to back. One of the biggest artist of his time and every song top 10. Not only has be become the artist he was dying to become but he’s a brand now and also a record label”.

Where can the people hear more?
Right now I’m working on a few things, but it will be well worth the wait. So just be on the lookout.

Press Inquiries: miss.soniaent@gmail.com
Website: www.AmessOnline.com
Twitter: @AMessLive
Instagram: ImchasingDreamz
Youtube: OfficialMessTV
Facebook: AMessOnline


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