Young Ent exclusive interview! @young_ent


1. What’s going on? Please introduce yourself to Talk of the Streets and tell us where you’re from.
Work, work, work and staying in my own lane is what’s going on with me… Young Ent. I’m from E. Saint Louis, Ill. (618) / Decatur, Ill (217) / Minneapolis, Mn (612) and last but not least… Atlanta, Ga (404) #salut everybody.

2. When did you start rapping and who or what inspired you?
I started doing music in 2003 after I got shot in Minneapolis, Mn. Who inspired me to do music… Tu Tu G. A legend in my eyes from southside Chicago… Oh he’s on the Fuck It Mixtape by the way too… We got a banger called Boss Moves we recorded it 2yrs ago. So with me mixing my on shit… I got better over the years and years later he heard me and he stamped me and we laid the track.

3. With so many independent artists out here what makes you different & sets you apart?
I’m in my own lane, I’m a #Og now, I’m older, wiser, stronger, smarter, and a hundreds times better now for all seeing me for the first time in 5yrs… Shots out to all my fans… Mr. We Came 2 Party is back. I triple salute every artist out here grinding…. I represent unity and embrace the real and try to be an example and make a change. Life all about choices… U gotta make the right one. I represent my life, my struggle, my music and my peers.

4. Tell us something you enjoy doing [besides music] that most people don’t know.
Family time with my wife and kids. Chill in with my bruhs…. I mean I love helping people and uniting people to come together. This gods plan… I’m just here to get y’all attention and put sum substance back in the streets. I got kids listening to this music and right now there’s good music but nothing really positive. We gotta stop the shooting and come together and get money. That’s the only way.

5. Currently, what project or single are you working on or pushing & where can we find it?
Right now we pushing #FUCKIT #THEMIXTAPE
U can find that on, spinrilla, Datpiff, SoundCloud, YouTube & certified mixtapes.

6. What’s been the most memorable moment so far in your music career?
0cean66 That’s where I got my name and my feet wet cause before then… I maybe did like 2 shows at the crows nest and the old ritz on old national. Shots out to Dj Tony D the first Dj to spin my shit… Never ask me for a dime but recognized my talent early and believe in me when I didn’t even believe in myself. What Katt Live I see Unc.

7. What are your goals musically for 2016?
Take care of my kids & family, My mom, To win a Grammy… To win a Oscar… To go platinum… To open up a boys and girls club, to keep these kids off the streets and stop the killing. I want to put positive music back into the streets… And all over the world. To give back to our community, and to never forget who had my back when no one else did.

8. When you step in the studio, what are some things you must have on deck?
God… The beat… Pen… Paper… And the microphone.

9. Tell everyone where they can find you? [Websites, Social media, Booking info etc]
U can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, @young_ent
Go get #FuckIt #TheMixtape on search “Young Ent” “Fuck It”
For booking hmu @ 678-653-0611

10. What words would you like to leave us with? Any Shout Outs?​
Just know this gods plan…. And without him we are nothing and preciate your time and salute Tampa for working with me… Major salute. Major salute @shot4shotimagery for shooting the #FuckIt Video….. “my first video ever by the way” The streets going crazy for it. Salute Dj Such N Such I been seeing him over the years and I salute everybody on ur staff cause the real and the rocking with my sister @tampamystic Shots out to Derty Mid, On Da Grind Ent, Pipe Squad, Money Hungry, Ondeck Records, Fly Boiz, TrapsUp, Amb, Count Club, Gbe, Vsg, Playtimedone , United Kingdom, C.A.D, Gutta Fam, LEF, Jupe, PlayGold, Rob O’Neal, Squad D, Rome, and may more too many to name but u get my drift tho. #FUCKIT God bless. Special salute to my brother Ed in Nyc for holding me down. Here here in June, what up bruh I see u sis. Lb wat up sir!!!


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