Antoine and Santoine Jackson are identical twin brothers from Inkster MI who have an extensive musical background that ranges from artistry to promotions. The Jackson brothers dedicated their time and energy to creating this learning platform based on a need to help other aspiring CEO’s and artist to learn the business of entertainment. Through dynamic seminars, students can learn such subjects as how to start a publishing company, how to copyright their intellectual property, how to encode music and a host of other industry-related topics.

What is the mission of

SJ: The Mission of The College Of Hip Hop is to help inform the artist and teach them the business end of this entertainment field. No matter what direction music and entertainment takes (Tapes to cd’s, cd’s to digital etc.) one thing remains the same, and that’s the business end of things, which means that’s where the money is to be made.

AJ: Over the past decades the only thing that has remained consistent in the arts and entertainment industry is the business aspect. The purpose of www.TheCollegeOfHipHop.Org is to teach the business aspect of arts and entertainment to aspiring talent and CEO’s. The knowledge gained from becoming a paid subscriber will empower the CEO’s and talent to understand and value the arts and entertainment industry more.

How did you all get this started?

SJ: Actually we were on our way home from the Ohio hip hop awards weekend and we noticed that we had a niche that no one was focusing on and that was teaching the business to artist that had no clue on how to take care of things for themselves. So we decided to create a platform to teach them.

How many times do you see artist in need of your help? Any stories?

AJ: Often, artist and producers around our way (Inkster, MI) and surrounding areas come to us for business consultations to negotiate contracts, help start their companies and guide them on the right track for business. We’ve always been known as “The Smart guys” when it came to certain things and the business of music is one of those things.


If you had to break down the three biggest mistakes artist make. What would they be?

AJ: Artist never want to take the time to read, that is 1, 2 and 3. Reading is really fundamental and could be the difference between you owning your music or a label owning your music but, if you never read your contract and just sign it then you’d never know who owns or has rights to your music then, you’ll be another artist “Unsung”.


Myth or Fact, you can mail your CD to yourself and that is a poor mans copyright?

SJ: MYTH huge myth, maybe the biggest misconception of any in the business right now. I often wonder where that came from, but a lot of people think that and that’s the farthest thing from the truth. You have to register your works with the library of congress to obtain official copyrights.


Before an artist starts recording what would you recommend they do first?

SJ: LEARN THE BUSINESS, become a registered writer with a PRO (ASCAP or BMI), then create a publishing company, learn how to copyright your works, write out your projected budget. Pick a target market, and that’s just to name a few things. All of the knowledge to do these things can be learned on our site, that’s why we created the site to teach artist and future CEO’s how to do these things and why they need to be done.


Do you offer one on one counseling with artist to benefit?

SJ: Yes, we will take the timeout to help an artist once they are a paid member of, we will answer the questions they have to elaborate more of what they are misunderstanding.

AJ: If an artist has a problem understanding the seminars we have uploaded they can e-mail us and we will help them out more.


A lot of artist in mainstream hip-hop constantly talk about how important publishing is. Do you give examples on publishing on current artist in today’s market?

AJ: We teach artist how to set up their publishing companies as well as explain what publishing is and means, that is a key revenue stream for an artist to earn income, maybe the largest revenue stream if not, the only revenue stream larger would be touring but not every artist has a touring opportunity.


We talked about artist, but what if I’m a DJ or producer can I still sign up for a semester?

SJ: Of course you can become a paid subscriber to our goal is to educate and build the next major CEO with the knowledge we are providing. Our services are not just for artist, they are for anyone who wants to be in the arts and entertainment industry. We don’t focus on a person’s talents; we are focusing on educating who ever wants to make a living in the entertainment industry.


If someone wants to learn as much as possible do you organize which classes to take and when?

AJ: We upload a new seminar each 15th of the month and also upload written blogs, our focus is to take an artist step by step, this way the student can gain an understanding of this MONSTER that we call the music industry.


How can the people get a hold of you if they have more questions?

They can of course become a student by going to or follow us on twitter @TCOHHdotORG, and ask questions, were very accessible

All contact Information Here:
Twitter: @TCOHHdotORG

Last Words:

SJ: I want for my brother what I want for myself
AJ: Travel light and look to the east, thanks for the opportunity for the interview we greatly appreciate it.


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