Tasha: SheBlogginTV.com

How have you been?

Been blessed! No complaints at all.

Things must be getting really busy for you with releasing another site?

Yeah, its getting hectic. But I’m ready for what madness that’s gonna come along with it. I’m built for it.

What made you release another site instead of adding on to SheBloggin.com ?

The blog game has become over saturated. Seems like everyone’s blog is starting to look the same. Even though I try to separate myself from the others by adding more indie music and industry education blogs, I felt like it was time to do something totally different. Branching off and starting a new division of SheBloggin expands my brand and creates more opportunities for artists to be heard.

There are a lot of blogs out there what is gonna make SheBlogginTV different than the rest?

It’s not gonna be just all music videos, or videos of our people acting a fool on camera. It’s gonna shed a more positive light on our culture and still provide information to up and coming artists. We’re gonna cover all aspects of the music scene, not just the basics.

What are some of the things you focus on when helping brand an artist that is requesting your service?

Increasing their web presence. We all know radio doesn’t do what it used to do. If an artist wants to increase their visibility at a quicker rate, it’s a must that they have a strong web presence.

If you weren’t bloggin what would you be doing?

Probably producing. That’s what I started out doing. I still plan to return to that one day, but for now I’m focused on establishing SheBloggin on a wider scale.

Biggest downfall of bloggin for you?

Dealing with disgruntled artists. They think just because they submit music to you that means you’re gonna automatically put it up on your site. I support indie artists, but if its trash, its trash. I have to maintain some standard on my site, and they don’t get that. Nothing’s handed to you, you gotta work for it.

What do you feel has made SheBloggin so successful in the past and what will make SheBlogginTV successful?

Because my grind is consistent. I don’t take days off. And I’m constantly thinking about how to take my brand to the next level. I think outside the box. The work I’ve put in to SheBloggin is going to double now that I’ll have a new division.

What are the requirements for an up and coming artist to get featured of SheBlogginTV?

I’ll have submission guidelines available for everyone to view once the site is up. But really it’ll be no different than before. You don’t have to be the next Drake or Rick Ross, but if it is of good quality, and sounds good, they’ll get posted.

When is the SheBlogginTV dropping and will there be any Social Networks linked?

SheBlogginTV.com officially launches June 18th. You can follow @SheBlogginTV on Twitter to stay updated on the progress, opportunities and more.



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Work Over Pleasure ft Manolo Rose - Lock It Down

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