Speed Dollaz – “Whip It” @SpeedDollaz

Watch as Delaware street artist Speed Dollaz shows you the proper methods on stacking dough thru his new video, “Whip It”

Hailing from the Northside of Wilmington, Delaware comes street bred recording artist, Speed Dollaz. He arrives back on the scene with an Aaron McClary-directed flick for his d-boy anthem, “Whip It”. This release is aimed directly at those putting in overtime, whipping in the kitchen and pitching to the block.

In the visual, things start off with Speed and an associate carrying out a transaction that soon ensues into a shootout. This offers a slight glimpse into the lifestyle of the Northside Wilmington hustler. We are taken to an undisclosed location that finds Dollaz hard at work, accompanied by an armed female counterpart. The bass heavy, street inspired single is sure to keep the trap active for some time to come.

Purchase “Whip It” on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/whip-it-single/id1206576881