Soulja Boy – King Soulja 2

Soulja Boy - King Soulja 2

1.Soulja Boy – Phone Call
2.Soulja Boy – Giuseppe’s
3.Soulja Boy – SRT
4.Soulja Boy – King Soulja 2
5.Soulja Boy ft. Agoff – Everything I Touch Turn To Gold
6.Soulja Boy ft. Drake – We Made It (Remix)
7.Soulja Boy Ft Migos- Work
8.Soulja Boy ft. Lil B – I Got That Sack
9.Soulja Boy – Let That Boy Cook
10.Soulja Boy ft. Shawty Boy – Y U MAD
11.Soulja Boy – Don’t Make Me Laugh
12.Soulja Boy – Get Em’
13.Soulja Boy – Cannon
14.Soulja Boy – Chopsticks
15.Soulja Boy – All I Wanted
16.Soulja Boy – My Style
17.Soulja Boy – Shonuff’
18.Soulja Boy – No You Don’t
19.Soulja Boy – Red Bottoms
20.Soulja Boy – Macklemore
21.Soulja Boy – Fire Flame
22.Soulja Boy – Fuk That
23.Soulja Boy – In Love With Me