Tell us a little about where your from and how you developed your hard aggressive flow.

I’m from Far Rock Amerika Baby !
As far as my flow goes….I cant say I developed anything, this is just what came out when I opened my mouth.

A lot of people first heard you for the first time on the white rapper show. But, when did you first decide that you wanted to do hip hop?

I had never spit before until the auditions for the show, I just knew I could write. i really just did it for fun, but after getting such great feedback from the guys at Ego Trip and my fans that tuned in I thought maybe I had something worth persuing.

Who were some of your influences growing up?

I fell in love w/ Hip Hop when I heard Brand Nubian for the first time, I had always listening to it but Brand Nubian made me fall in love with it. The heart of my hip hop love comes from M.O.P. to me their music embodies a love & passion for the art of it. Other artists like Jay Z & Foxy Brown mean alot to me musically as well.

What do you think has changes the most about hip hop since you’ve gotten into it?

Its no longer about skill…hip Hop used to be about a God given talent, now its more about a man made gimmick.

What do you think you bring different to the table?

I say the shit everyone is feeling, but no other artist wants to say…I bare my soul on my tracks so that my listeners feel less alone in what their going through in life. I’m The Truth…..

You’ve had a few controversial freestlyes about some female MC what’s the story behind that?

Im an emcee, emceeing is about expression. I say what I feel….I just so happen to feel certain people need a reality check LoL No pun intended. I say whats on my mind…

What will be the title of the next mixtape and when is it dropping?

The Truth will be dropping early to mid November followed by a few untitled mixtapes back to back.

For fans looking to hear more from you where can they find you at?

My website – & on Twitter @PersiaNYC

Any up coming events or things that you’ve been working on?

Im working on alot…all I can say is stay tuned. this is what my fans have been waiting for #TeamPersia

Last words before we get out of here?

Thank you to everyone who believed in me enough to make my dream their own. @DevSoundLab @Reflecti0nz @MNSMediaGroup @MarcoPoloVosion @Jovonn @SteveRaze – without them, alot of this wouldnt be possible. And my fans, who always believe in me, even on days I dont believe in myself. I love you guys #TeamPersia


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Work Over Pleasure ft Manolo Rose - Lock It Down

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