OG Maco – I Made This Shit Before “U Guessed It”

OG Maco - I Made This Shit Before "U Guessed It"

I made this shitin the spring and summer before U Guessed It and before U Guessed It blew.
All this shit came from my living room.
Shouts to Archibald Slim of Awful Records

Neno Rocwell – Wouldn’t You

Neno Rocwell - Wouldn't You

Instead of doing the same old reminiscing over nostalgic times we decided to approach things differently. Every “throwback thursday” Neno Rocwell drops new material for listeners, giving them his own take on music from previous years.

A concept that took form from a joke during a studio session, laced by a laid back Mobb Deep album cut produced the number 12 joint of the Throwback Thursday series. In the most charming & melodic way possible, Neno alongside cohorts Nappz & L Don propositions prospective (or current) females to star in their own private home production.

Official Site: nenorocwell.com
Twitter: @nenorocwell
Instagram: @nenorocwell



“Bruce Wayne is a collaboration track between a seasoned and proven artist X! and a the newest member of IVLG, ATTICUS. Aspiring to make a name for himself in hip hop, ATTICUS chose to release Bruce Wayne with X! to be able to showcase both artists style. The song is a narrative on their intentions of not only making a name for themselves in hip hop but making hip hop their own”

X! & ATTICUS on twitter: @xinblack & @drakexfan

C-Boy – Come Closer

C-Boy - Come Closer

The enigmatic C BOY is a London-based Afrobeats singer/songwriter/producer who makes forward thinking music for the dance floor.

Belonging to a new generation of songwriters C BOY takes the best of dancehall-music history and then fuses it into the image of now along with his own African heritage.

In C BOY’s universe, lush soundscapes do battle with the speaker-shuddering rumble of contemporary Afrobeats dance hall sounds, timeless soul, and enough grooves to shutdown the party.

Today C Boys shares his new track “Come Closer” featuring Romel. A track that fuses dreamy soundscapes, pulsating grooves and seductive vocals.

More info on C Boy

Charles Oladunni, Better known by his stage name C Boy is a Nigerian born recording artist, songwriter, producer and performer. He started his musical career at the age of 15, originally focusing on grime and hip-hop. However, digging into his native background and westernised influences whilst growing up in Peckham London, C Boy decided to change direction. As well as going to University to study music production he added new ingredients into his music which is described as Afrofusion.

Bobosed – Drown

Bobosed - Drown

Listen to new sounds from Bobosed as he start off 2015 with a Diffama anthem titled “Drown”.

Artist: BobOsed
Song: Drown
Prod: The Ivy Club
Label: Diffama Entertainment