Mixtape: Tug McRaw – Bacon N’ Eggs

Mixtape: Tug McRaw - Bacon N’ Eggs

The latest release from Bethlehem’s very own Tug McRaw, Bacon and Eggs, is something that is just as important as breakfast to those who are fans and lovers of hip hop music. Tug is no stranger to the music scene doing everything from showcase performances, appearing and being featured on different projects, and even being the man behind the camera (that’s another conversation for another day)… he is a man of many talents but there is only one love and that’s music.

The 90’s were a time where hip hop music was fun and it took more than a great beat and a catchy hook to make a name for yourself, this also happens to be the same era that influenced Tug and you can hear that when you take a listen. The beats are nice, but the bars are nicer and that’s something rare to come across these days!

“This is not a ‘swag rap’ album, there is actually real words, real content, REAL RHYMES!”, said one listener but of course you don’t have to take their word for it… click the links below and check out the videos for yourself:

2.Ride with Me
3.Im a Hater
4.So Sick ft MB
5.The Real
6.Need the Pain ft Mani Nigatar
7.Deal with It ft. J BreeZe
8.Vulcan Death Grip ft. Chip Raw, Da Buze Bruvaz
9.The Call
10.Love Song
11.Once Upon a Crime pt.2





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