Mia Rey

How have you been?

@MiaReyMusic: I’ve been great. Truly blessed and excited! Definitely can’t complain!

You recently signed to Yung Berg’s company. How did you meet?

Funny Story: @MiaReyMusic: About a year ago I was walking pass the entrance of publix when I see this dude waving at me. I thought to myself this guy looks familiar lol. The ironic part to the whole situation was that I wasn’t supposed to be there. I realized who he was and told him that I did music so we exchanged numbers and didn’t think much of it. He told me he had just moved to Miami from LA and didn’t have many friends out here lol. Little did I know we would later become the best of friends. It’s funny looking back now there were many times that we hung out and he would ask how my music was going but we never worked together up until recently.

I’m a firm believer on how everything happens for a reason. For whatever reason God put us together the way he did and the timing of everything is just crazy. I believe God has a plan and purpose for us to make musical history and show the world what Humble Greatness is all about.

What made you say I want to sign now w/ his company vs others and maybe at a later time?

@MiaReyMusic: Berg and I are like family. Our Chemistry in the Studio is undeniable. It just Works! I know that he’s been let down in the past working with artists and producers as well as I have. I have been offered production and management deals in the past but none seemed right. I was even promised by mainstream artists and producers the opportunity to work with them and have them take me under their wings and never did. At the end of the day, actions speak louder than words and Yung Berg was the only individual that did take me into the studio and really helped push me to be even greater. He never once promised me anything. All he kept saying was “Hard work and Dedication”! I know with YFM I’m in good hands and amongst some amazing and talented people.

You moved from NY to FL. How was this transition?

@MiaReyMusic: I moved from NY to Miami when I was 10. I’ve lived in Miami for the most part of my life and go back to NY to visit family, friends, and business. But my life is here in the MIA!

Being a urban pop artist what would you say summarizes your style in one word?

@MiaReyMusic: I would have to say Unique…as cliché as that sounds. It really is true. I don’t have a particular style. I like all sorts of fashion and trends.

What are you future plans outside of music?

@MiaReyMusic: I would definitely want to invest in a restaurant for my mother that she’s always wanted as well as my very own dance studio which has always been a dream of mine. I’d love to get involved into some acting maybe start a clothing line and have some of the proceeds go to charity. The possibilities are endless…

When will the album drop?

@MiaReyMusic: The YFM Album drops sometime in Nov! Definitely looking forward to that!

Im sure the fellas want to know. Are you single or in a relationship?

@MiaReyMusic: AHHH… the fellas question! Lol! NO relationship here! I am single but so focused right now! All I want is Music!

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Work Over Pleasure ft Manolo Rose – Lock It Down

Work Over Pleasure ft Manolo Rose - Lock It Down

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