How have you been?

Chillin like a viilian, thinking about this next million

Last time we talked you had the sitcom/tv show situation, will it still be in the works?

Yes, shout out to Phil Gates

How much time do you have left?


Whats the first move your gonna make when you get out?

Make a baby, and hit the studio,lol

Who do you have in DUMOUT, that will be releasing first?

Scram G, Nay Da Boss, and R&B singer name R&B

You have always been one to keep it real, who are you feeling and not feeling these days?

I feel everybody, I cant say I don’?t feel nobody

Being from Queens how do you feel about the breakup and reunion of Mobb Deep?

I love to see them together because they’re true pioneers and prodigy is my boy

Do you still keep in contact with everybody from Gunit, and Bricksquad?

I talk to Waka and Yung Joey like every other week

Anything you want the people to know?

They better buckle up cause its gonna be a long ride, im back like i never left


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