M16 The Producer

    I’m sure you heard it before that M16 rifle sound loading up preparing action. That is the distinct signature of producer M16 Beats before he releases the sound behind the artist. We recently got a chance to squeeze in a interview for some behind the scenes looks. Producing for Young Jeezy and one of the most selective artists Andre 3000 come together with the biggest name in the music business period Jay-Z on one of your beats you know you’ve got something distinctive on your hands. The something distinctive is the record “I Do”, which is one of Young Jeezy’s biggest singles off the album “TM 103”.

How have you been?

Awesome man just trying to stay active

First tell us how you got the name M16?

A neighborhood name from when I use to rap.i use to kinda do the fast rap twister kinda thing so it came from that.

There aren’t many big Hip Hop artists coming out of Alabama. Do you feel there is a lot of overlooked talent in your hometown?

Of course it is we are just patiently waiting on our turn.

You’re also a rapper as well and not just a producer. How do you keep the production for yourself and for your clients?

I have to many beats so they gone have to be used at some point either through me or the industry.

You were seeked out early by EMI to work with a lot of heavy hitters right into the game. What was your take on producers working with heavy hitters so early in their career?

Producers have a lot to offer to so its a 50/50 thing.it turns out better sometimes when you be hands on.

You have done a record not that long ago that a lot of people are waiting on the visual. The Young Jeezy Ft. Andre 300 and Jay-Z. What were your thoughts after the record was recorded?

I love the record. Its 3 different looks and feel to it that will make it a timeless song.

A lot people say the era of the super producers are gone where production could cost 100k. Do you feel when Hip Hop sales rise again the prices may rise back as well?

Depends on what you’ve done and what you could do.

What would your advice be to a young producer coming up today?

Just stay working stay humble and be original as possible

If someone what a feature or production from M16 how could they get in contact with you?

Hit my site www.M16Beats.com and twitter @M16Beats