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Lord Badu Like Me (Confidence)

Lord Badu is a Canadian born, Ghanaian raised Emcee who grew up in the church but did not completely understand the significance of the cross till he was 16. He entered the hip hop culture in the 8th grade and realized he really had a strong interest in it. He was influenced by artists such as Tupac, Fugees, Nas and Bob Marley. While living with his older cousins, they would always be listening to either the latest Tupac or Bob Marley album. Because of this, their content had a serious influence on him. Badu loved hearing and making up stories because of Tupac and he loved discussing religion, peace and other various topics because of Bob Marley. He had always considered his music conscious but he realized that being conscious or sounding wise won’t change or affect people’s lives. However, as he grew older, he understood that only the message of God sending his son Christ could change a heart of stone to a heart of flesh. Badu started to take his craft very serious and made a mission for himself, and that is to use the beauty of art to spread a beautiful message to an ugly world. He has been recognized for his charismatic character, creative lyricism, and outstanding and distinct flow.

Badu’s musical genres are Contemporary Christian, Hip Hop, Alternative hip hop, Jazz & Neo Soul.

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