Kobi Onyame – DMCRZY | @kobionyame

Kobi Onyame – DMCRZY

Onyame tells us more about the track: “DMCRZY, an abbreviation for democrazy, is a song which points to the current state of affairs in the world today. Influenced by a famous interview given by Nigerian highlife pioneer Fela Kuti, the song makes reference to Kuti’s definition of democracy as “the demonstration of craze”, emphasising that it only results in the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

“The chant-like chorus is sung as a protest, stating that “Demo demo crazy makes us crazy / Na this democrazy makes us crazy,” while [I] rap about the “War going on outside…” and that “Nobody’s safe from the man outside”. [Which] sounds all so familiar in the current world climate.”