KMPNY ft. 24Hrs – On Road | @Thekmpny

KMPNY ft. 24Hrs - On Road

KMPNY, a harmonizing Toronto duo, is composed of a dark, soothing vocalist and a powerhouse producer who have connected to contribute to the moody artistry coming out of the city. KMPNY believes that two is better than one. But is three better than two? The mysterious duo have crafted a superb new track that features Atlanta buzzmaker 24Hrs. Bringing forward reminiscences and nostalgia, “On Road” showcases a catchy hook splattered over dark 808’s that feature the city’s grittiness and warmness–all in one. Mixing unquestionable production with dark (yet inviting) vocals that deliver memorable wordplay, KMPNY clearly has sensual, atmospheric delivery on lock. There’s not a lot of information as to how the duo came about, but with the support of the likes of 24Hrs right off the bat, we’re sure that KMPNY will stick around to keep us a little company this year.


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