Joyner Lucas – Take A Bullet

 Joyner Lucas - Take A Bullet

D.C. – Over the past 3 weeks, Worcester, MA bred emcee Joyner Lucas aimed his lyrical weapon at trifling females and their male counterparts on “Lame Hoes”, and then took aim at everyone else in the audio and video releases of “F@*k Your Feelings.” This week he turns the weapon on himself, describing those private moments when it all becomes too much to bear. Of the 9th Wonder-produced suicide note of sorts, Joyner says…….”This song is dedicated to anybody out there who has alot of shit on their plate. For the people who are dealing with so much they can’t sleep at night… stressed to the point they feel like killing themselves. They might feel like endin it’s the only way to escape the pain. What would it feel like to take a bullet to the head? This song is like a rough draft of the suicide note; especially the chorus. I’m talkin bout personal shit in the verses… and when the thoughts become too much…it brings me back to staring at the ceiling and thinking about taking that bullet. ”