Jay Bezel

What have you been up to this year?

This year…I’ve been working on my “Come Back” after leaving the label (DipSet/Skull Gang) and going independent…and getting my new label (Doe Stackaz Ent.) off the ground. Got a few projects in the works and a few already done…been working with a many producers, artisits & been traveling alot.

You started your own company Doe Stackaz Ent. Who is all the artist on the roster?

Yea… Doe Stackaz Ent. is the name of the label. I have quite a few artist lined up for the fans. I have my man Big Herb. He’s from Georgia…so he adds that “Southern Flava” to the team. He also does production for the label. I have Philly native rappers Var Yenom, ‘Stro, Casino, P.A. Porter,..just to name a few…And a female R&B singer by the name of Sha’Donna.

You came up as a spitter on the mixtapes & DVDs, but then you went to Dipset and done a lot of the hooks. With your own label what do you feel you focus on the most?

Well…I didn’t just focus on hooks when I was with DipSet. I had a whole catalog of music. It just so happened that all of the main stream songs that I was on, I was featured on the hooks…but I’ve always worked on my solo career. Now its time to show people what exactly I’m capable of.

You did some work with 40 Cal. Will there be any work with the Dipset reunion?

Yea…I mean..I’ve talked to a few of the old gang….but as far as a reunion…I really don’t see that happening on a big scale…but I will definintely be doing some work with a few of the former DipSet members.

A few years back you released a antivoilence with Tone Trump and Hedonis da Amazon. That was huge for a time in Philadelphia was doubling numbers in the murder capital for other cities. Have you thought of any more projects for the violence?

I haven’t really did anything of that nature recently. As far as Philly…the violence has kinda slowed down but it definitely hasn’t stopped.

What can you do without in this industry?

I can do without all these niggas egos. All the dick riding. Alot of these artist nowadays is afraid to let a new, hot artist shine..in fear of them taking away from thier lime light….

What can we expect outside of music?

Other than the music…I will definitely later down the line…do some executive work….I mean…everything I’ve ever predicted was gonna happen with the music game….HAPPENED…so…after I’m done with my music…I plan to work on other artists music…but away from music…maybe some acting…mostly comedy.

Any advice for up and coming artist?

Never think that you need another artist or a label to make your career happen. Anything that they can do for you…there’s an avenue for you to do it for yaself…Just Keep Grinding…& New Give Up

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