Elle Madison

How have you been?

I have been well. Thank you!

What would you prefer acting, singing, or writing if you had to pick one?

I would prefer to sing. Music is my choice career route, at this point in my life- it is all or nothing.

You are from the group 7 Profitz but branch off as a solo artist. What made you do your own thing?

I have branched off in solo ventures, because I wanted to touch on topics that 7 Profitz doesn’t cover. I have always been involved with music, writing and singing even before 7 Profitz got together.

Do you still work with the group?

Yes, I still work with 7 Profitz. We are together and working on music behind the scenes. After my next solo album is released, we will release something new for the group.

You recently won an award for “Long Island’s Best Singer”. Has your managers phone been ringing off the hook since this was published?

Like crazy!

What is next for Elle Madison?

Next for me, will be a music video for my single “Revenge.” I am very excited about it. This time around, we will be involving all kinds of people. Bringing in dance routines, models, my group member Apademik is helping out, along with our record label Funkin Beatz, it should be real fun.

Your currently working on your third solo album. What can we expect from the album?

My third solo album will be focused on the Dance genre, I have a few tracks which I utilize Hip-Hop on. You can catch a few rhymes within the mix. You can expect some of the best production I have released as a solo artist, thus far, on my third album.

When was your first single titled “Revenge” released?

“Revenge” was released on April 21st of this year.

For anyone looking to start a career and become “Talk of the Streets” like Elle Madison what advice would you give them?

The best advice I can give to anyone looking to start their career is to educate yourself, obtain knowledge about the route you want to go. Contact people in top positions, reach out and network. Hear advice others may give you, that will better yourself. Then, never give up!

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Work Over Pleasure ft Manolo Rose - Lock It Down

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