DraMatiQue – Kill The Game

DraMatiQue - Kill The Game_Front
DraMatiQue - Kill The Game_Back

1.Intro ( prod. by DJ Omega Red )
2.A Star Is Born ( prod. by Soul Theory Productions )
3.Life Is Like A Dream ( prod. by Black Light Music LLC )
4.Dime A Dozen ft. A$e Card Lucrative ( prod. by Id Labs )
5.Kill The Game ( prod. by DreamScheme Productions )
6.I’m That Guy ( prod. by Kajmir Royale )
7.Neva Let Go ft. The Fray ( prod. by Kajmir Royale )
8.Knock, Knock ft. Young Jess Official ( prod. by Stompboxx Music )
9.AfterLife ft. Ghost Clique Haze ( prod. by Kajmir Royale )
10.PaperChasin’ ft. Young C.E.O.z ( prod. by Stompboxx Music )
11.When I Move ( prod. by Kajmir Royale )
12.I Need Luv ( prod. by U-Neek Beats )
13.LemonFace ft. Corey Drums Petey Popoff ( prod. by Stompboxx Music )
14.Swaggeriffic ( prod. by Kajmir Royale )
15.Insanity ft. Dido ( prod. by Kajmir Royale )
16.Say Sumethin Dirty ft. Hersh ( prod. by Beats Planet )
17.MurderGram ( I Be Killin’ Em ) ( prod. by Ryan Leslie )
18.Outro ( prod. by DJ Omega Red )

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