Black Rob

How you been?


What have you been up to lately?

Working, finishing up the album and working on the next one already.

Game Tested & Street Approved, out this July. Tell us about it.

It’s a variety, something for everyone, but still that Black Rob flavor that everyone wants. True hip-hop

What is different in album and Life Story/The Black Rob Report?

Me, I elevated my game drastically. I didn’t lose a step, In fact I gained a few and plus I matured. Trust me, you’ll see July 26th, Game Tested, Streets Approved will be in stores. Cop that!

Any features?

I got Sean Price on there, there may be a few more surprises.

And new producers on the album?

Bishop who is also my engineer. He’s Crazy fam, then O.Z. Who produced Can’t Make It In NY, and some other new cats I gave an opportunity too. Then of course me and Buckwild got together again and my man Coptic.

This current album will be on Duck Down Records, how is it different from being on Bad Boy?

The only difference is now I’m going indie with Duck Down. They have been around just as long as Bad Boy has.

You been away for a minute, what do you feel is the biggest from before and now?

The Internet and all the blog sites that are out there now. Plus the digital music downloading has really become a big thing.

How do you feel about G. Dep confessing to 1993 murder?

He didn’t confess to murder for one. The media put that twist on it. He allegedly confessed to a shooting/robbery. That’s the problem with the media. They print what they hear and not facts.

What’s you biggest goal this year?

Game Tested, Streets Approved! July 26th.

Any ventures outside of music

I have a few. Right now we have Feed-Um’s on 108th Between 5th & Madison. Good Soul Food for you. Come check it out.



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