An Underated Beat God – Maaly Raw

Maaly Raw has been making a name in this industry for the past few months. Philadelphia Native Maaly Raw, was introduced to Don Canon through Lil Uzi Vert’s Mixtape “The Real Uzi” and began his run and trial in the industry. Working with a lot of local names like Lil Uzi, Kur, and PNB Rock.

Maaly has production on “Uzi VS The World”, a known mixtape doing extremely well. Maaly produced “Money Longer” sitting at over 30 Million streams. Maaly is also responsible for the hit “Safe House” which gained a lot of traction. “Canadian Goose” is also produced by Maaly on “Uzi VS the World” which has Twitter going up and been making noise, a personal favorite for Maaly.

Maaly Raw has watched Lil Uzi go from not being a well-known artist in Philly, to selling out shows. These two will be doing a lot in this industry, and aren’t stopping anytime soon. There are talks of Meek Mill calling Maaly to have a brief convo on future projects, we would love to see what type of other artists he would work with on different sounds with the likes of Chance the Rapper, 2 chainz and even Rihanna, if thats safe to say. Stay Tuned into what Maaly Raw has coming up.


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