Album Stream: TakeOff Mizzy – Young God | @TakeOffMizzy

Album Stream: TakeOff Mizzy - Young God

There are people who use music as a sense of therapy, an escape into a realm that allows them to remove themselves from their physical being & treat the troubles of personal lives & the world around us. For others though, music is only the stepping stone to become the actual therapist; that relatable individual who can be the voice of the people, who sees the struggles of everyday life & who can speak up on our behave in a respected, lyrically talented way… TakeOff Mizzy is that individual. Hailing from Philadelphia, TakeOff Mizzy has been indulging in music for as long as he has recognized his God given talent, even taken on the term “Young God/Goddess” to describe himself & his supporters, in the past. TakeOff Mizzy’s talent has gone thus far due to his hard work, dedication & the authenticity which have all been displayed on his tracks since day one. You have songs like 2015’s, “Real Name Malcolm”, which is nothing short of relevance to a young black man growing up in America. Mizzy chooses to dive into his personal life on the track by detailing the passing of his mother, the struggles of growing up in a city that can lead you down a dark path & still attempting to lead by example; while still owning up to the mistakes he has made, naturally as an individual. Then there are tracks like “Different Cloth” which continue to layout the likeability of Mizzy’s personality, while showing us his versatility at the same time. Mizzy surprises some fans by flourishing in the “flashy rapper bars” department on “Different Cloth” just as much as he has with his relatable bars on his more conscious work from the past. TakeOff Mizzy’s lack of a one-track mind has allowed him to go far in music and continue to be an artist that can’t be boxed in instead, he has created his own lane! In a rap game full of clones, the vulnerability and real life experiences demonstrated in TakeOff Mizzy’s music has intrigued us all, captivating our attention by taking his own approach & eventually leaving us wanting more. Beating the odds, continuing to show everyday individuals that they too have a voice by uplifting them daily with the dope concepts and amazing wordplay the rapper continues to show us via his music. All in all, TakeOff Mizzy is a refreshing breathe of air taking us all on this journey and proving to us that the sky’s the limit, leaving nowhere to go from here but up!


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