Album Stream: Maxx 39 – Everything Happens for a Reason

Album Stream: Maxx 39 -  Everything Happens for a Reason

1. Send Him In
2. Restart Featuring Miss Kami
3. Black Shoe Incredible
4. Southern Blvd
5. Try This Featuring DJ Bokee
6. The Bridge You Have To Cross
7. The Lady of Peace
8. Hear Your Voice Featuring Brittney Crush and An Capone
9. Slam (Ratchet & Clank)
10. Rhythm & Circumstance Featuring History and J-Emz
11. Çøñ ¥ø
12. Glass Jar Raps Featuring Lawrence Turner and Shomari-Chioke as Figgy Fraser
13. Butterflies & Headaches Featuring JLynn
14. Cotton
15. Soft Featuring Miss Kami
16. 10:27
17. Encounters
18. The Second Coming

Maxx 39’s new album “Everything Happens for a Reason” takes a distinct sound, novel ideas and solid lyrics & productions on a whole. Based of an unrivalled concept, ETHFAR calls as the sequel to Maxx’s first album circa 2012, “Collections: Stumbling Upon Rhymes”. For his second LP, Maxx offers a conceptually creative effect, as he is placed in an interrogation sitting, being asked questions by a mysterious doctor. Apparently stuck in a straight jacket (as the cover art stunningly illustrates via original drawing by artist Jon Stich), Maxx is asked questions throughout the 18 track LP; each question leading into the premise of the next song. This album holds groundbreaking lyrics and flow, complemented by solid production from up and coming producers, amazingly talented singers and rapping features that keep the albums balance. The New York/Los Angeles based emcee-producer brings a brand new approach of letting thoughts be understood via song and affluence.


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