Album Stream: Dot The Don – Make Hip Hop Great Again (EP) | @mrmetaphor2018

Album Stream: Dot The Don - Make Hip Hop Great Again (EP)

Dot The Don is an upstart from Brooklyn, NY, eastside of Flatbush to be exact, that sees music as his primary form of expression. Dot decided to express himself through a new EP titled “Make Hip Hop Great Again”. The 5-track EP showcases Dot’s witty lyricism, along with stories anyone can relate to.

From his words, “Most of these rappers have not been through hard times, that’s why their music sucks. How can you make a song from your heart, and then lie in your verses? I ain’t buying it and neither are the fans. It’s important to be a person that the fans can relate to. When you hear my music, that’s how you will feel. You can go through any one of my songs and say damn, I went through that. Let’s make hip hop great again.”

“Make Hip Hop Great Again” is available for stream and purchase exclusively on iTunes.

Twitter: @mrmetaphor2018


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